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Vegan Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake with Frangelico Chocolate Ganache

Vegan pinwheel cookies! Half strawberry and almond, half apricot and pecan. 

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My Sweet as the South tattoo!
By Max Kuhn at Hold It Down Tattoo in Richmond, VA

boston area queercore/female-fronted/all grrrl bands you should listen to

Drowning in #zines #sweetasthesouth
8-10 cookies of your choice in a cute little mason jar for $15 (+shipping if that pertains to you!) If that isn’t the sweetest little thank you I don’t know what is. #vegan #sweetasthesouth

Sweet as the South returns!


Sweet as the South started in early 2013 as Southern-inspired, premium quality, all organic and of course always 100% vegan baked goods.

Since then, it’s kind of expanded into my nom-de-plum, and in addition to baked goods I now carry whatever projects I’m currently working on.

At any given time this could mean knitting/crochet work, patches, clothes, zines, and anything else that my little ol heart desires.

E-mail me with any questions or custom orders at

Getting my shit together, help me fund it <3


So for two days I have been baking for this event and it was awesome and so much fun and I met lots of great people and it just feels so good to be surrounded by people who get it. & who I can have actual dialogue & discourse with and who don’t make me feel like my life is an endless string of conversations about the weather peppered with microaggressions. The flip side of that is lots of serious and depressing conversations about what is wrong in the world and what to do about it and then I came home and watched a documentary about the income gap in the US which was excellently done but perhaps not the most uplifting thing to do ever and sometimes I just feel like there are just so. many. things. So very many things I want to do/feel/change and its all too much.

After FMLY Fest I walked my pup and headed out to JP for a balcony dinner with the moms and it was a really great cap to a really great night and I’m super excited for tomorrow to relax in the sun and beach and work on my apothecary and send out some packages.

Accidentally posted this to my personal blog first! Ooooops!

The goodies in order of appearance are: 
-passionfruit cupcakes topped with a citrus buttercream frosting
-raspberry dark chocolate chunk cookies
-earl grey tea cakes with lavender icing
- and a guest appearance of banana walnut bread, cherry chocolate mini-pies, and blueberry lemon mini-pies

Any flavor requests?

I’m going to bake tomorrow, and I’d love suggestions/ideas!

Vegan Hazelnut Cupcakes stuffed with Raspberry Jam and topped with melty semi-sweet Chocolate Ganache and a fresh Raspberry ^.^